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Who We Are:

We’re a seasoned group of highly experienced environmental consultants, business newspaper publishers, web marketing experts and communications and software entrepreneurs.  We banded together to get smart about what it takes to deliver highly visual, accurate and engaging knowledge to people interested in the energy and the environment.  We’ve innovated new ways to search and display knowledge.

In 1994, Carla Johnson founded Waterstone, an environmental engineering firm that specializes in human health, ecological risk assessments and complicated contaminant transport and flow models of processes occurring in underground aquifers. Waterstone saw the need to develop visual tools in order to help clients understand the ramifications of these unseen processes better. This led to Waterstone developing the first virtual earth (before the release of Google Earth) which was used as a management tool for the US Air Force. And from that experience, we formed EarthvisionZ, our company that focuses on the world of 3D virtual earth web solutions.

EarthvisionZ is launching SmartEarth in 2011. We offer a unique combination of advanced technical environmental and energy services to both industry and governmental agencies worldwide.  Our staff has been nationally recognized on CNN, in The Economist, LA Times, Washington Post and other newspapers and film media as experts in their field.

Core Technical Services:

We offer expertise and services in the following core areas:

  • Geospatial, 3D, Virtual Earth Interactive Website Interfaces
  • Data Management Systems and Decision Support Tools
  • Website Development, Hosting, Security, and Data Management
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Social Website Development
  • Innovative and Secure Geoweb Business Intelligence
  • Environmental Engineering and Science
  • Energy Resource Evaluation and Data Management Systems
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Flow & Transport Modeling<
  • Climatology and Remote Sensing
  • Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment and Toxicology
  • Educational and Public Outreach

What We Value

As environmental scientists and software engineers, we value and take pride in the technical quality of our work and the social impact of turning information into knowledge. As consultants, we value in-depth client communication and take pride in making sure we understand exactly what our clients and stakeholders need, allowing us to provide the most cost-effective services and solutions.

Technical Excellence

Our staff has M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the natural sciences and engineering with specialties in numerical modeling contaminant sources, software development, sustainability operations and research, hydrogeology, human and ecological toxicology, geology and geophysics, and social web interactions. Our software team has national reputation in GIS, geospatial, and innovative visualization technologies. The firm is multilingual and international in scope, and has provided global climate and environmental services throughout North and South America and Europe. Our environmental and engineering staff members have performed research at the National Bureau of Standards climate group. We created the first geospatial data management and decision-support system for the US Air Force at 13 AETC bases. See www.earthvisionz.com and www.waterstoneinc.com


smartearth logo SmartEarth
(a division of EarthvisionZ) formed
arrow-left 2010      
EarthvisionZ logo Earthvisionz Inc. Formed
Connecting People to their Passion through the Power of Place™
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      2008 arrow-right Google Earth browser plugin
released May 28, 2008
Google earth
star virtual globe Waterstone develops commercial version of Virtual Globe based
Decision Support Tool 'STAR'
arrow-left 2006 arrow-right MS Virtual Earth released Nov 6, 2006 Microsoft-virtual-earth
      2005 arrow-right Google Earth released June 28, 2005 Google Earth
Star logo Waterstone builds Virtual Globe based
Assett Management Tool 'STAR'
for US Air Force
arrow-left 2004 arrow-right NASA WorldWind released Aug 6, 2004 Nasa
Airforce Waterstone builds GIS based
Decision Support Tool for US Air Force
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Waterstone logo Waterstone Environmental Hydrology
and Engineering Inc. Formed
arrow-left 1994