Tour Packages

We offer 3 tour packages for you to choose from. Information within each tour package can be updated regularly. You can upgrade to a more advanced tour package at any time. Hosting and technical support is provided by Smart Earth.


Package I: Basic Showcase Tours

  • Creating one, 3D model - exterior or interior - for your building/project/product (or enhancing an existing model)
  • A ‘Fly to’ navigation to bring visitors to your building/project/venue from above the Earth
  • Capability to include up to 10 Placemarks/icons for specific locations or sections of your project/building.
  • Placemarks and icons link to “Information Boxes” to showcase compelling information about your project/building.
  • Up to 1 minute audio narrative of your project (script provided by you)
  • Up to 2 screen overlays (in addition to the information boxes)
  • Embed your hosted tour into your web site

Cost: $1,500 - $2,500 plus hosting

Package II: Custom Integrated Tours – Interactive or guided or both

  • All elements of Package I – 3D model, Fly-to navigation and information boxes.
  • Fly-Around to see your building/project from every angle.
  • Zoom inside your building and navigate in 3D.
  • Capability for users to explore 360 degree, interactive, panoramic video with your embedded content.
  • Integrated interface allows users to control where they go on the tour, go into multiple rooms and click on icons to get information.
  • Audio voiceovers and music with script provided by you.
  • Capability to add up to 25 placemarks, icons and information boxes.
  • Option to use up to 4 screen overlays
  • Embed your hosted tour into your web site

Cost: $2,500 - $7,500 plus hosting

Package III: Custom Earth for your web site

  • An interactive earth embedded directly into your website (hosted by Smart Earth)
  • Wireframe design and function to meet your specific needs and requirements
  • Navigation guide for your web users
  • Narration, music, voice overs
  • Database and content seamlessly integrated into your custom earth
  • Content Layer manager with location based control
  • Fly-tos and Fly-arounds with your content, narration, music
  • Interactive 360 degree panoramic views – interior and/or exterior
  • Advertising on the landscape or building
  • Sponsor integration
  • Advanced search for private and public information
  • Social network integration
  • Custom tools, apps, and widgets
  • Live links to web pages, places and events
  • Links to live web cams
  • Hosting, maintenance and periodic content updates
  • Access to the virtual earth user metrics and behavior data

Cost: Please contact us for a quote