Smart Earth Welcom Video

Showcase your products and services with a stunning audio-visual 3D experience

A revolutionary way to advertise your brand using our virtual earth

Embed a fun, interactive 3D tour in your web site to attract new visitors

3D Interactive sales and communication tools for your business

Our services include developing 3D models, creating narrated, interactive tours that your prospects can explore through your web site and incorporating compelling informational features about your project/product that helps consumers learn, have fun and make informed buying decisions about your environmental products and services.  Interactive tours utilize a Google Earth Plug-in for your browser with our patented technology.

Many businesses want to showcase their projects and products where they are being used... in context with some frame of reference; in neighborhoods or downtown city settings so that your users and customers can see for themselves how their own project/product could be used.

SmartEarth virtual tours can help you visually show:

  • Where examples of your best work are, highlighted on the virtual earth with a one click ‘zoom to view’.
  • Where your business is located, how to get there and what it looks like inside and out.
  • Your company’s Unique Selling Proposition presented in a very engaging 3D way.
  • Why your company is the one to choose over your competitors.

Information boxes within the interactive tours can seamlessly include:

  • Photo gallery of products or completed projects.
  • Videos of your products and services.
  • Links to the your Facebook or Twitter page to engage with other people.
  • Links to the visitor’s Facebook or Twitter page to encourage them to make posts about your brand.
  • Video testimonials from past and present customers; where they are; what their projects look like and testimonials regarding their level of satisfaction.
  • Live web cam views.
  • Links to the contact form on your site.
Now users can fly to the location of any of your projects, facilities, buildings and service installations on earth, zoom around them and go inside to see them in 3D. We can “layer” dynamic and easily accessible information into your homes, buildings and landscapes giving your web users a new and powerful way to learn about your business.

How We Create a 3D Tour for Your Business/Organization:

We give you a menu of options to choose from to create a highly visual and content rich 3D tour for your business.  Our creative team works with you to write a script and storyboard for your tour, select and build 3D models and shoot 360 videos according to your needs and requirements.   Then we incorporate the content that best communicates your message to your customers into information boxes that makes it fun and easy to access by clicking and navigating via a Google Earth interface.  We direct the creative process and work with your team to best communicate your message and content for maximum impact on your web visitors.