What is SmartEarth?

What is SmartEarth.co?

Smartearth.co is the first virtual earth website to aggregate renewable energy, sustainable living, new clean technologies and green products/services from around the world into one location.

Our patented technology gives users a new dimension in which to search. Our experience is in combining traditional satellite imagery with smooth dynamic navigation, 3D models, interactive 360 degree videos, audio, and social networking to create a uniquely personal and emotional user experience that’s more than entertainment: it’s a revolution in online exploration!

Now, for the first time, you can see the actual flooring, roofing, solar panels, and neighborhood projects in their real environment.

You can view projects by country, zoom down to your hometown and then enter a real Net-zero energy home in 3D on the actual earth’s landscape. Click on icons embedded into your view to open up information boxes with a wealth of interactive data that can help educate you and save money, time, energy and the environment.

SmartEarth.co will be an earth based 3D website that will ultimately be the “go-to” place for users to find vast amounts of information on:

  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental well being & comfort of your home and business
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green products and news.

What is Sales.Smartearth.co?

Sales.Smartearth.co is our sales site to help you purchase interactive tours for your business (or home). It showcases some of our interactive tours and provides information on the tools we use to display your renewable energy projects or environmentally focused products and services through a 3D interactive virtual earth portal.

We utilize our patented technology to drive your data and graphics into a customized virtual earth on your web site. This gives your customers and prospects the ability to see your products/services in a highly contextual, visual, and interactive way.  Virtual tours can help differentiate your company from your competitors.  They can add value to the your brand by creating a viral buzz and enhancing the total web experience for visitors.
In addition, your interactive tour can become a 3D promotional tool for your business when we place it on SmartEarth.co.  SmartEarth.co will be launched during the Summer of 2011. The initial launch will be accompanied by a strategically coordinated e-marketing campaign designed to build large numbers of targeted visitors on a daily basis.