Tour Features

All of our interactive 3D tours include the following features, elements and actionable items. This is our glossary of terms for describing the various components of your tour:

1) Navigation on the Virtual Earth: These tools can be fully interactive, giving the user full control of where to go, what to see, etc. or a Guided tour with full narration and explanations.

Fly-to Single Location:


We create a smooth and seamless ‘fly to’ from any elevation (even outer space) to your business, office or project on the earth, utilizing the Google Earth interface.

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Fly to Multiple Locations:

thumb thumb

View many locations or just one from a statewide view down to any altitude over a city, or neighborhood.

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Fly Around a Single Location:


Guided or user controlled navigation around any structure or building. Circle a building in 360 degrees, fly-to from above, cruise around, stand in front, get human scale views or views from 100 feet away, see it from many angles and elevations.

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Zoom inside a structure to view interiors

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Custom built 3D models with photography and video creates a seamless fly-to from the exterior to the interior of your location. It allows users to "walk through" your front door. This content is not available on Google Earth or Microsoft Bing.

Hover Craft/Cockpit View:


We can create a custom craft or "cockpit view" of a craft that makes it feel like the user is actually controlling a flying device to zoom into your project/building along your tour. This navigation effect engages the user and makes the tours more fun.

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2) Graphic Enhancements:

3D models


If your business or project has already been built in 3D on the earth, we can use that graphic as is or enhance it. If not, we can build a detailed 3D model at a very reasonable cost. We can build a model of anything... including building exteriors or interiors, landscaping outside the building or "call outs" placed on any location within the tour.



We showcase the interior of your building/project by creating unique 3D models that give users a realistic view of the inside. This gives you a distinct, competitive advantage over competitors.

360 degree, panoramic interactive videos


A 360 degree interactive video gives the user the ability to navigate any location and turn a full 360 degrees... giving the viewer the ability to see anything in a high resolution format. Users can zoom in to see fine details of a building or product. When the user is circling the room or building, they can stop the tour, click on icons and view information boxes that will appear.

3) Content: Marketing/Corporate communications


Symbol on the tour that indicates where an item is placed. Allows you to click on that symbol to Fly-to your location.


thumb thumb thumb

Custom designed marketing images created for you. When the user clicks on your icon, this will engage the information box to open. We place icons to highlight specific sections of your project. These icons can be placed almost anywhere: on the side of a building, on a wall, on the lawn out front or in the sky.

Information boxes:

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Interactive, communication templates to showcase compelling elements about your business or project. Information boxes are integrated elegantly into your tour and are accessible when a user clicks on any icon/placemark. Information boxes can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Text about the project
  • Logos
  • Photos – or a link to a scrolling gallery of photos
  • Testimonials – text or video
  • Videos – product, educational, promotional
  • Overcoming objections: highlight the most frequent objections and provide succinct responses.
  • Live web cam views of project
  • Social Media integration – direct link to yoiur Facebook, Twitter, Linked In pages.
  • Live monitoring of environmental data – how much energy generated, reduction in carbon footprint, etc.
  • Educational data
  • FAQs
  • Links to external web pages
  • Financial data about the project
  • Link to Contact form to generate lead requests



Beautifully placed logos on any location- exterior or interior.
Hyper linked to open to an information box or video without the user ever having to leave your tour. See example

Screen overlays:


This design technique can be used, in addition to the information boxes, so that the graphic drops down over any scene and stays there no matter where the navigation goes for as long as its relevant. Sponsor logos, corporate icons and other advertising can also be placed in the viewer.


thumb thumb

Narrative, music and voice overs from your staff, management, public relations department, or CEO can be integrated into your tour giving you a way to reach out to your audience on a personal level - building credibility and showing that you stand behind your business, product or service.

4) Tours: Interactive (where user controls their actions) or Guided (similar to a movie)

Combine Fly-To, Fly-Around navigation, 3D models (Exterior and Interior) Zoom Inside to click on Information Boxes, 360 Interactive Video, Audio Voice Overs, and Music… All directed, choreographed and produced to give you an interactive, 3D, content rich tool to showcase your brand, project or product.

Updating content:

SmartEarth Tour customers have the ability to update content regularly and add or change graphics as your business communications needs change.

Virtual Buying Experience for your prospects:

Your customers can visit your store or project without ever leaving their computer or mobile device. Tour a solar installation. Show the green isle of your store. View a remodeled home with your expertly installed energy efficient doors and windows. SmartEarth gives you the tools to showcase your products in interactive 3D format that let’s your customers see your expertise, experience and innovation.

Your visitors will be engaged and amazed and can link directly to products on your site to make purchasing easy and fun. Smart Earth enhances your website giving you a powerful and interactive way to empower your visitors and give them a new way to lean about your business by seeing things in 3D.